A yantra is powerful equipment which protects people from troubles and removes obstacles from their life. The geometric shapes and patterns like lines, triangles etc. depicted on the yantras represent different forms of energies.

It is believed as per ancient Hindu texts that God is perceived as different forms of energies, these yantras are a form of these energies itself. All the yantras have certain mantras associated with them. It is essential to know the correct manner of using these yantras and gaining the positive results. The different symbols used in yantras depict different aspects which only an expert can analyze for you.

Each planet in astrology possesses a special energy pattern. It is said that a yantra is the visible form of an energy body. Yantra should be frequently energized with the appropriate Mantras. They must be cleaned and empowered periodically like gemstones by the user.

Megha is an expert astrologer and over the years has been consulting numerous domestic and international clients. She perfectly balances her skills and vast experience to handle each case with individual attention. Known for her precise readings and accurate predictions, Astrologer Megha has made a mark for herself. All the sessions that we conduct are 100% confidential. By understanding the changing needs and varying demands of our clients, we provide customized services and solutions.

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