The word Vastu is derived from ‘Vasanivase’ which means a place suitable for living. Vastu has gained a lot of popularity in the recent times, but it is an ancient science. Experts say that it dates back to the Vedas.

Vastu is basically the science of architecture. Combining VastuShastrawith astrology is bound to give beneficial results. It is important that you keep in mind the rules of Vastu while constructing a place to live or your workplace. The right placement of objects and placing them in the correct directions makes a huge difference.

It is said that when buying a home, one should see that it gets ample sunlight and air. Ever considered why? Well, these are basics of Vastu and one must comply to these rules for a fruitful future. Vastuknowledge of an expert would help you select the right plot and make the plot ready for construction. Whether it is home or office, getting an expert advice on Vastu is highly recommended. The main aim of having a home is to have peace of mind. When you construct your home as per the principles ofVastu, you would have peace and prosperity in your life.

Astrologer Megha is an expert in Vastu and would guide you at every step. Just walk in with your queries and get effective solutions. We ensure that the sessions are confidential and you get tailor made solutions that are convenient and effective.

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