Astrology is such a wide science and it is combined with a lot of sub-domains. Each of us has a different personality and astrology helps us identify the special characteristics of our personality traits. With correct readings and precise predictions, one can take leaps and bounds on to the path of success and prosperity. Astrology and psychology are both vast fields, but when the power of both these fields is combined, the results are phenomenal. Psycho astrology has deeper connections and both are equivalent parts of the overall equation. The role of psychology and astrology is different and what we aim at is to combine these two powerful tools.

Astrologer Megha is an expert astrologer and over the years has been consulting numerous domestic and international clients. She perfectly balances her skills and vast experience to handle each case with individual attention. All the sessions that we conduct are 100% confidential. By understanding the changing needs and varying demands of our clients, we provide customized services and solutions.

Contact us now to get in depth psychological analysis – Psychological analysis of your birth chart, psychological analysis of you and your spouse, psychological analysis of your child etc. We aim to provide a person-centered approach in which the person becomes the center, the subject of her own destiny which in turn coincides with the fulfillment of their potential. By guiding you onto the right path we ensure that you reap fruitful and long term benefits.

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