Gems are precious stones that are loaded with varying energies and have a deep connection with planets. Each zodiac sign has its own gems. Different gems have different effects on our body. The effects of Ruby would vary from that of a Pearl. Thus, it is essential to know which gem stone would suit you and only then should it be worn. In astrology it is believed that gems are connected to planets. Gem stones have a powerful and positive effect on a person when worn in the right manner. Any gem that you wear should first be purified and loaded with positive vibrations of the concerned planet. This can be done by chanting relevant mantras.

Astrologer Megha has a wide experience in gemology. By combining her vast experience with her technical know-how, she has helped numerous clients. By offering precise readings and accurate solutions, Astrologer Megha has made a mark for himself.

It is believed that when there are deficiencies in the energy levels of a planet in a human being, the related problems to that planet will show their ill effects. Therefore it is recommended that the person should fill these deficient energies by wearing the respective gem stone. Each zodiac has its own gemstone.

Consult Astrologer Megha to get all the details about the gemology and what gem should you wear. With her effective solutions, you are surely going to get all the answers that you were always searching for. So be it career or finances, wearing a gem can have fruitful benefits for you and your family as well.

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