Your face is the mirror to your personality. Whenever we meet someone, the first thing that we see is their face. A pleasant face attracts us, while an ambiguous face is not very welcome.

Interpretation of the character of a person and his/her fate by studying a person’s face is known as ‘Face Reading’ or ‘Physiognomy’. By observing the various features of the face and even the face on the whole, we can get insights about the characteristics and personality of the person. Our face and body gives many cues to the other person. Whenever you walk in a room, your posture, hand movements, gestures and expressions etc. make a huge impact. A good astrologer is the one who silently observes you and gives an opinion bases on her experience. From head to toe, each part of the body is important and has its own significance. But our face holds the key. Eyes, nose, shape of the forehead, eyebrows, lips and even the side profile of your face give great insights into the fate of the person. Different regions of the face depict different aspects like health, career growth, life, fertility etc.

Astrologer Megha perfectly combines her experience and knowledge to give the clients the best of the best predictions. She is an expert in face reading and the years of experience that she gets up her sleeve is certainly an added advantage.

By providing accurate analysis and effective solutions, we aim at making your life simpler. Career, business or marriage whatever your concern is, Astrologer Megha would give you the right guidance.

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