Can you imagine life without colors! It would be dull and boring. Color therapy is a leading alternate healing method that is being adopted in different parts of the world. Millions of people are seeing a positive effect of color therapy and color therapy healing in their life.

Color therapy is a healing technique that uses the visible spectrum of light to affect the mood of a person. The seven colors of the spectrum are believed to be the seven rays of the sun. Certain colors are soothing to the eye, while others are a bit loud. When the positive effect of these soothing colors enters our body, it helps in rejuvenation. Blue color represents calmness, while white is the epitome of peace; similarly red defines passion and yellow can help you instantly uplift your mood.

Colors act like gems. They increase the aura of the astral body and when applied in the correct manner, color therapy can have long lasting positive outcomes on the person. Since color therapy affects the mind more than the body, it needs a lot of precision and practice. By balancing the physical and mental doshas of the system through our sight, it is a healing therapy with great potential.

Astrologer Megha is an expert in color therapy. By rendering her unparalleled services, she has made a mark for himself.Despite her immense skills and experience, she makes a constant effort to enhance her knowledge by attending seminars and conferences regularly.


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